C5ISR Center Ground Activity

C5ISR Center Ground Activity focuses on the future network—near term and several years out—and provides the Army with a relevant venue to assess next-generation technologies, facilitate technology maturation and validate technical progress in order to support efforts to accelerate and recapitalize C4ISR technologies into the current force.

Army engineering capabilities in the areas of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) go beyond conceptualizing and developing next-generation technologies to ensure technologies function as expected on operational platforms and within the network and environmental complexities that can potentially constrain performance.

C5ISR Center’s Ground Activity provides the Army with a significant venue to assess and validate next-generation network technologies and facilitates C4ISR technological maturation. C5ISR Center Ground Activity provides reliable data about technical performance, which enables senior Army leaders to make informed decisions to shape the Army’s future force and network.

Designed for evaluating and validating solutions, C5ISR Center Ground Activity uses its laboratories and instrumented field ranges to demonstrate the impact of integrating networks, sensors and C4ISR-enabling capabilities in an environment constructed to expose systems to conditions not ordinarily available in developmental environments.

The venue enables the mitigation of risk for Army technologies and supports milestone decisions for Defense Department programs of record. Through the execution of integrated capability events, C5ISR Center Ground Activity works with Army and joint military communities to validate technologies and systems for use in the Soldier’s dynamic operating environment.

C5ISR Center Ground Activity mitigates and reduces fielding risks to help major programs of record, such as Warfighter Information Network— Tactical (WIN-T), Tactical Radio (TR) and Distributed Common Ground Sensor—Army (DCGS-A), achieve milestone decisions. The product director vets critical technologies by leveraging experts in network design and integration, program-of-record waveforms, and software.

C5ISR Center Ground Activity verifies the most recent and projected Army Capability Set network designs prior to fielding and executes large-scale systems-of-systems integrated capability events, which result in Army-wide configuration changes and changes to tactics, techniques and procedures.

C5ISR Center Ground Activity extracts performance measurements in real time, using state-of-the-art instrumentation and data-collection and data-reduction tool suites.

C5ISR Center Ground Activity assesses the effects of integrating C4ISR technologies with the network prior to fielding and provides quantifiable data by characterizing the technical performance within a system-of-systems network.

C5ISR Center Ground Activity leverages the Army’s current tactical network to provide the Defense Department stakeholders an opportunity to integrate and exercise future-force capabilities in a non-attribution environment during systems-of-systems integrated C4ISR events.

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