C5ISR Center Core Technology Areas

The CCDC C5ISR Center strives to make a positive difference in the daily lives of Soldiers by conducting applied research, advanced technology development, and systems and sustainment engineering for mission command and intelligence technologies.

The CCDC C5ISR Center provides the Army with technology and engineering solutions in eight Core Technology areas across command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, or C5ISR, technologies' and systems' lifecycles.

The CCDC C5ISR Center's technical agility allows for the interdependency of all eight technology areas, an operational understanding of their application and an extensive collaborative network to access and integrate innovation.

The CCDC C5ISR Center nurtures, matures and cross-pollinates its core technology areas at every stage of the acquisition cycle and feeds lessons learned back into the development process. From its vantage point, the CCDC C5ISR Center can foresee trends and opportunities, rapidly leverage breakthroughs in the technology, and shape future capabilities.

The blending of technology areas can be seen in the work done to leverage common C5ISR and electronic warfare hardware and software to meet both areas of need and lead to significant reductions in size, weight, power and cost profiles on platforms while alleviating interference issues.

The CCDC C5ISR Center is providing an engineering capability to collapse intelligence and mission command capabilities, building architectures that integrate cyber and electronic warfare assets, and integrating a distributed network of sensors to provide greater situational awareness.

Mission Command accounts for the commander’s view of the world. It allows for the integration, management and dissemination of mission-essential information that enables unified action and execution throughout the military chain – from commander to rifleman. The CCDC C5ISR Center advances numerous systems that enable and support mission command objectives.

The military uses intelligence and information data to create strategic and better defined mission plans. Commanders use the intelligence information gathered by the Army to reinforce their decisions. The CCDC C5ISR Center’s systems assist in data collection, analysis, exploitation and dissemination.

C4ISR technologies, systems and programs often require additional support from C5ISR Center beyond standard research and development. C5ISR Center provides acquisition and sustainment support, program leadership, specialty engineering expertise, integration and testing services, and certification and accreditation of systems for other Army C4ISR organizations and systems.