Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Robust and responsive Positioning, Navigation and Timing capabilities enable U.S. expeditionary forces to maneuver better, create decision-making advantages at the tactical edge and command the operation.

Assured PNT, a system-of-systems approach, provides Soldiers with integrated solutions to obtain trusted PNT information while operating in conditions with potentially limited, impeded or denied GPS.

Assured PNT solutions enable Soldiers to leverage information critical to complex combat operations, increase platform/Soldier protection, maintain or acquire signals in challenged environments, improve situational awareness, and synchronize advanced weapon systems and tactics seamlessly for unified execution of the mission.

Precision matters. Soldiers conduct missions in austere and complex environments where GPS is not always available or accurate - whether that be from the challenges of geographical terrain and urban settings or adversarial efforts to deny and disrupt situational awareness.

To accurately execute unified action, Soldiers need to know where they and their comrades are located, where they are going, and when to strike.

PNT is essential for providing continuous, trusted PNT capabilities that allow commanders to accurately coordinate, guide and execute complex troop maneuvers for their mounted and dismounted Soldiers.

C5ISR Center leverages more than 40 years of R&D expertise in PNT to identify, develop, mature and integrate affordable, robust Assured PNT technologies.

C5ISR Center’s versatile solutions enable continuous navigation and total situational awareness for the mounted/dismounted Soldier and commander in varying conditions, including GPS-challenged or degraded environments.