C4ISR Enterprise Support

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center provides acquisition and sustainment support, program leadership, specialty engineering expertise, integration and testing services, and certification and accreditation for Army C5ISR organizations and systems.

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center engineers go beyond initial research and development of C5ISR technologies, systems and networks. Even after the Army deploys a system, there is a need to ensure technical expertise is on hand to address changes and challenges that arise as operational use evolves.

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center works very closely with the Communications-Electronics Command, Program Executive Offices for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T), Intelligence Electronic Warfare and Sensors (PEO IEW&S) and others. DEVCOM C5ISR Center engineers assigned to these organizations provide a technical subject matter expertise and an engineering perspective throughout program lifecycle.

Acquisition and Sustainment – As the threat changes or the effectiveness of fielded C5ISR technologies decline, the Army turns to its science and technology community to adapt, modify or bridge capabilities to ensure continuity and mission effectiveness. The DEVCOM C5ISR Center understands the dynamic nature of advancements in information sciences and provides embedded support and technical guidance to Army Team C5ISR organizations to anticipate and engineer technology fixes and upgrades.

Specialty Engineering and Leadership – Specialty engineering aims to reduce risks and increase engineering efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of cost, schedule, delivery, and system and equipment reliability. The DEVCOM C5ISR Center provides the defense acquisition community with both engineering support and technical leadership in specialty engineering functions.

C5ISR Platform Prototyping, Integrating and Testing – C5ISR technology must work as designed when hardened for war, interoperable and compatible within other interdependent systems, appropriately powered and cooled, properly mounted for use, and developed to avoid communications interference. The DEVCOM C5ISR Center provides prototyping, fabrication, integration, environmental and electromagnetic interference testing, and field-based risk reduction support for C5ISR systems in order to ensure that engineering models meet these needs.

Certification and Accreditation – In order for the Army to use systems, the systems must meet strict certification and accreditation requirements set forth by the Army. Numerous organizations within the DEVCOM C5ISR Center have the authority to certify and accredit various Army systems and technologies.