Intel, Analysis, Exploitation and Dissemination

By better understanding adversaries, the U.S. Army can better determine how to handle both friendly and hostile military situations.

There are mass amounts of information and intelligence to be acquired, extracted, analyzed, synthesized and delivered in effective, actionable formats to protect and arm U.S. Soldiers with the tactical and strategic advantage.

Diverse and constantly expanding data sources ranging from radio frequency and visual spectrum sensors to socio-cultural factors, weather and terrain must be ingested, tracked and processed by the Intel Enterprise. Limited communications networks in the Soldier’s environment often reduce the ability to transmit data to locations where it is needed.

Complex information environments call for advanced technologies to transform Big Data obtained from multiple sources into a tactical understanding of the battlespace in the form of detailed, relevant and proactive situational awareness to support predictive, timely and decisive action where it is needed.

C5ISR Center provides years of technical expertise, advanced facilities, partnerships and battle-tested operational understanding to develop technology solutions that provide Soldiers relevant, actionable information, knowledge, tools and life saving intelligence capabilities.

C5ISR Center develops and evaluates new technology in partnership with a broad range of Defense Department stakeholders and other agencies in support of the development of advanced intelligence analysis, exploitation and dissemination prototype systems, concepts, techniques and methodologies that address the asymmetric threat facing Soldiers.