IED, Mine & Minefield Detection & Defeat

The detection and defeat of explosives must occur before they cause harm to Soldiers and innocent civilians.

This core area includes identifying and combating explosive hazards that include improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mines employed individually or in minefields, buried under ground, on the surface, or otherwise camouflaged, set and triggered by various tactics.

The Defense Department predicts the threat from explosive hazards is likely to remain high in the coming decade, as abilities to counter them continue to evolve.

C5ISR Center identifies, investigates, develops, matures, evaluates and demonstrates technology and system-level prototypes for the U.S. Army that are used in the detection and neutralization (including electronic countermeasures) of explosive hazards that include improvised explosive devices, and mines, whether employed individually or in minefields, buried underground, camouflaged or laying on the ground’s surface.

C5ISR Center’s DOD-unique IED, Mine and Minefield Detection and Defeat core competencies and investments directly support the Army and Defense Department strategy of countering mines, IEDs and other explosive threats while maintaining maneuverability.

Superior explosive-hazard detection and neutralization technologies, coupled with an inclusive government approach that integrates federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, private sector and global participation in counter-mine/counter-IED activities, best position the United States to detect and neutralize mines/IEDs in the nation and abroad.

Along with its mission to develop systems for military application that detect and neutralize mines, minefields and unexploded ordnance, C5ISR Center also applies these technologies to humanitarian operations.