Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting

ISR&T includes the coordination of multiple sensor functions and the management and application of sensor information to improve situational awareness and decision-making, for the purposes of enabling decisive action.

C5ISR Center provides advanced collection capabilities with the flexibility to address changes in the operational environment and signatures of interest to develop the situation through action by acquiring precise and timely information.

The spectrum of threats encountered by U.S. Soldiers is varied and complex. Degraded visual environments, demanding weather conditions, urban environments and adversary asymmetric warfare strategies are serious risks to Soldiers' safety and mission execution.

ISR&T technologies provide actionable information that enables Soldiers to be aware of their surroundings and to perform their duties more safely and with increased effectiveness. This operational insight provides tactical and strategic alternatives for mission success and mitigates the risk of surprise attacks.

C5ISR Center evaluates new technology in partnership with important Defense Department stakeholders and other agencies in support of the development of advanced intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting prototype systems, concepts, techniques and methodologies that address the asymmetric threat facing today's Soldier.

C5ISR Center focuses on contributing to the Army’s ISR&T mission by providing the research and development to enhance sensor, laser, radar, signals intelligence, and position, navigation and timing systems.

C5ISR Center’s sensor capabilities and investments directly support the Army’s strategy of evolving the force to meet the challenges of counter-insurgency operations while maintaining full-spectrum dominance. Investments directly support the Army’s strategy of improving the protection of expeditionary forces through electro-optical/infrared persistent surveillance, and perimeter and area defense sensors.