Tactical and Deployed Power

Tactical Power and Energy strategies, tools and solutions are needed to lighten the load, deliver power and reduce the logistics trail that’s a target of opportunity for adversaries.

Tactical and deployed power initiatives entail providing advanced, smaller, lighter weight, higher yield, reduced cost Soldier-power and mobile-power sources, power generation systems, renewable energy systems, environmental control systems, and intelligent power grid technologies and systems.

The advanced capabilities, such as communications systems of today’s dismounted Soldier, come with a power and energy burden as Soldiers rely on power for all aspects of their mission such as systems that enable situational awareness, connectivity, mission command and actionable intelligence.

Enabling "Energy Informed Operations" is a key defense initiative aimed at ensuring access and sustainment of power and energy as an integral component in the command and control of operations by shifting focus from consumption to power management.

C5ISR Center focuses on Soldier and mobile power and energy, power generation and storage, and power distribution and management. C5ISR Center develops advanced and novel power and energy materials, components and systems, and performs engineering, integration and experimentation to provide technical expertise to the Army ensuring smart procurement of power and energy systems.

C5ISR Center's power engineers test and evaluate new power materials, subsystems and systems to determine the most energy dense and cost-effective power sources for Soldier use, and develop the necessary software to manage and control advanced power systems.

C5ISR Center has a unique position within the Army power and energy domain bringing together the facilities, capability and personnel with the in-house knowledge to conduct basic research through advanced development through production verification and validation.