Tactical and Strategic Networks

Soldiers need reliable and secure communications connectivity across networks and devices, because compromised communications can impede the Soldier and the mission.

C5ISR Center provides the infrastructure, tools, architectures, interfaces, standards, hardware, protocols, antenna, satellites and bandwidth used to establish, maintain and secure operational connectivity.

In today’s dynamic operational environment, information is the weapon of choice, and life and death can hinge on reliable connectivity through secure and undisrupted networks. The ubiquitous nature of mobile communications, low cost of entry and the speed of commercial innovation calls for relevant expertise that spans the tactical network domain.

C5ISR Center researches, develops, architects and provides engineering analysis, testing and project leadership in support of Tactical and Strategic Networks and to provide assured connectivity for the Soldier at all echelons and battle phases.

C5ISR Center develops networks by creating or adapting technology and knowledge to enable more network functionality such as assured transport, increased capacity and enhanced security.

C5ISR Center has the unique role of defining network strategy from a technical perspective, shaping the products and technologies within that strategy, transitioning and providing technical support capabilities to program managers or programs of record, and developing the architecture for ASA(ALT) to incorporate those program managers or programs of record items.

The Strategic and Tactical Network architectures developed by C5ISR Center bridge technology-based programs through Program Executive Offices and Program Managers to ultimately become operational capability sets.