Careers at C5ISR Center

Compensation Structure

C5ISR Center employees fall under three different categories for performance systems. Specific positions and/or bargaining unit status job functions determine which category the employee will fall under and how and when their performance is rated. Salary determinations are based on a variety of factors such as specialized experience, education, training, and Federal pay setting regulations, rules, and guidelines.

DCIPS is the human resources management system for the Defense Department’s intelligence and security components and other intelligence and security positions as designated by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

At C5ISR Center, this system applies to supervisory and non-supervisory positions that perform intelligence and security administration functions. DCIPS compensates and rewards employees based on performance and contribution to the mission of the organization.

TAPES is the Department of the Army's Performance Management Plan used for appraising and evaluating employee performance for General Schedule employees. C5ISR Center applies this evaluation criteria to non-supervisory engineering and science employees located on Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

The S&T Personnel Demonstration Project (Demo) is an alternate personnel system tailored to C5ISR Center's unique requirements. The Demo is a performance-based system that provides the opportunity to test changes in employee practices or procedures that result in improved Federal employee management.

The Demonstration Project uses a pay-for-performance approach to performance management. Pay-for-performance promotes a clear accountability of performance and provides a rational basis for salary changes by linking an employee's pay to his or her performance and eliminating longevity based increases associated with the General Schedule as under the TAPES system.