Careers at C5ISR Center

Employee Benefits

C5ISR Center offers its civilian employees a variety of benefits ranging from paid holidays, insurance and retirement plans, educational and professional growth opportunities, flexible work schedules, and a variety of other benefits afforded to Department of Army civilian employees.

Through required and optional education and training, C5ISR Center’s workforce sustains the knowledge base needed to stay at the forefront of research and development efforts in state-of-the-art communications and electronics. C5ISR Center supports the continuation of advanced education and training that relates to the employee’s work and organization mission.

C5ISR Center provides opportunities for informal and formal job rotation assignments, both within the organization as well as with other Army organizations. Such assignments that lead to career broadening experiences may be within the employee’s functional specialty or in another career field entirely.

C5ISR Center government employees are eligible to receive federal employee benefits. More information about specific benefits can be found at the below links.

  • Health Insurance – Federal employees have the option to choose from a wide variety of health plans. This Office of Personnel Management site contains information about federal employee health insurance policies, eligibility information, enrollment procedures, open seasons and more. Army civilian employees are guaranteed protection that cannot be canceled by the insurance carrier. Additionally, employees receive government contribution toward the cost of their plans, unless they are on a temporary appointment.
  • Dental and Vision – In addition to health insurance, current federal employees have the option to enroll in vision and dental coverage. Employees can enroll online or find out more about BENEFEDS, the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program site.
  • Retirement Savings Plan – The Thrift Savings Plan is a retirement and savings investment plan for federal employees and uniformed service members, including the Ready Reserve. TSP is a defined contribution plan, meaning that retirement income received from a TSP account depends on the amount the employee, and possibly the employee’s agency, put into the account during the employee’s working years and the earnings accumulated over that time.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts – Through FSA FEDS, federal employees can contribute money to their flexible spending account before taxes are withheld. Employees are then reimbursed for out-of-pocket healthcare and dependent-care expenses.
  • Life Insurance – The Federal Employee's Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) offers Group Term Life Insurance for most federal employees. This site offers guides, optional plan information, calculators and eligibility information about FEGLI.
  • Army Benefits Center – Federal employees may enroll in and manage their federal benefits from this site. ABC-Civilian provides links to various benefits afforded to Army civilian employees.

In addition to 11 paid holidays, Department of the Army employees can earn annual and sick leave each pay period. The accrual rate is established by the Office of Personnel Management and determined by the employee’s schedule (full time, part time, etc.) and length of government service.

Visit OPM Civilian Leave to learn more about Army civilian employee leave, leave accrual rates and employee leave ceilings.

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), most federal employees are entitled to a total of up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period for various, set reasons.

C5ISR Center allows for alternate work schedules that fit within mission requirements. Such flexibility supports success through improving efficiency and productivity, enhancing employee recruitment and retention, reducing absenteeism, decreasing overtime expenses, fostering energy conservation through commuter traffic reduction and furthering employee job satisfaction and morale by improving the quality of work life.

C5ISR Center allows for telework depending on mission requirements and employees’ work schedules. Through telework, C5ISR Center sustains a more flexible and agile workforce capable of working from off-site locations during contingency situations.

C5ISR Center understands the correlation between employee health and a vibrant and productive workforce. C5ISR Center supports a wellness program that encourages employees to cultivate healthy lifestyles, enhancing the quality of work, productivity and resilience.

The C5ISR Center Wellness program allows full- and part-time federal employees, with prior approval from their supervisors, to have up to three hours of administrative leave per week to engage in a fitness program.

The wellness program may not exceed six months and is only available for use one time during the employee’s tenure.