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The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center’s Command, Power and Integration Directorate Power Division is developing a battery to improve Soldier’s agility on the battlefield while meeting the demands of an increased power burden.

The Conformal Wearable Battery, or CWB, is a thin, lightweight, flexible battery that integrates seamlessly into a Soldier’s body armor. It conforms to the body and can be worn in either the side or chest/back pouches with the ballistic protective plates, virtually invisible and transparent to the Soldier.

This innovative power solution significantly reduces the various battery types and quantities the Soldier has to carry, and will reduce the carried battery weight attributed to the size, weight and power, or SWAPs, required to support a mission. The CWB is part of the Tactical Power Generation Program.


  • State of charge indicator illustrates remaining capacity
  • Provides continuous power generation for Nett Warrior up to 24 hours
  • Enables sustainment of dismounted operations in remote areas
  • Reduces the need to carry large quantities of spare batteries, therefore reducing weight and increasing mobility


  • 150Wh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Voltage Range: 10V – 16.8V
  • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 10Ah
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.7 in. x 7.66 in. x 0.70 in.
  • Passed various safety tests to include bullet penetration
  • Operating range: -20 degrees C to 60 degrees C

Media inquiries may be directed to the C5ISR Center Office of Strategic Communications & Engagements.

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