What We Do

C5ISR Center scientists and engineers understand the fast-paced, dynamic nature of communications-electronics and focus their expertise and infrastructure of advanced laboratories and facilities in areas that enhance collaboration, bridge technologies and lay the ground work for the Army to leverage innovation wherever it may occur.

To ensure a proven C5ISR system-of-systems solution, C5ISR Center’s expertise crosses platforms. C5ISR Center draws upon this expertise at every phase of the materiel lifecycle, and enhances this expertise through a dynamic network of domestic and foreign partners and customers in government, industry and academia.

C5ISR Center reduces risks, troubleshoots problems and expedites the delivery of advanced capabilities. Its engineers draw from a number of business and contractual agreements to facilitate information exchanges, evaluate novel approaches and candidate technologies, and establish partnerships for further development.

    Inventors and Innovators

  • Leverage scientific discovery in new ways that enhance Soldier capabilities
  • Apply technical expertise and technology in innovative ways to address the capability needs of our Soldiers

    Trusted Technical Consultants

  • Act as an organic Army resource with the cognizant technical expertise, operational understanding and objectivity to study specific C5ISR issues and proved unbiased, reliable courses of action and sound counsel

    Technical Integrators and Expediters

  • Provide the Army with organic C5ISR integrators, and collaborate with government, industry and academic partners toward defined C5ISR solutions
  • Enable the Agile Process for C5ISR tactical, networked capabilities
  • Develop and fabricate the Army’s C5ISR quick-reaction capability with technical expertise


  • Provide the Army with technical forecasters who keep one foot grounded in the dirt of the Soldier’s operational requirements and the other in a future shaped by the trajectory of opportunities opened by scientific and technical discovery

    Workforce Expertise

  • Provide top-notch scientists and engineers who support the Army's acquisition corps with the C4ISR and integration expertise to ensure program success