JSHS student presentation

Welcome to the C5ISR Center Educational Outreach Program, a collection of kindergarten through college-level programs designed to give the students of northeast Maryland and northern Virginia access to educational and extra-curricular opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM.

C5ISR Center Educational Outreach provides in-school and summer programs for all levels of STEM interest in cooperation with organizations across Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Fort Belvoir, Va., the Army Educational Outreach Program and C5ISR Center scientists and engineers, with the goal of creating opportunity and excitement among the next generation of STEM professionals.

The success and strength of the United States today and into the future depends on our ability to innovate. C5ISR Center technology is meeting the needs of today’s Soldier through cutting-edge advancements in electronics. C5ISR Center Outreach is looking to the future, preparing the next generation of STEM professionals through one-of-a-kind programs and partnerships with the Army Educational Outreach Program, Team APG STEM and local school systems and community groups.

C5ISR Center recognizes our youth as our greatest national resource, and as we enter our 20th season of programming, we are proud to offer opportunities for students at all levels of the STEM pipeline. The goal of our programs is to combine science and engineering with creative thinking and problem solving activities. We understand that every child is a natural engineer. Whether building with blocks, drawing a picture, or simply imagining a different world, discovery and creation are key elements of play. C5ISR Center Outreach programs leverage the natural creativity of children and apply it to the core concepts of STEM.

Whether you are curious if STEM is for you or you have already chosen to pursue a STEM career, C5ISR Center Outreach is able to help you meet your goals and discover your potential.

Follow this link if you would like to register for any of the ongoing C5ISR Center Outreach Program.