2020 Summer Camp program

*Information on COVID-19:

  • Due to the continued uncertainty around COVID-19, the 2021 C5ISR Center Math & Science Summer Camp will proceed with an abundance of caution for the health and safety of the students, the community, and the workforce. Though we will be going virtual this summer, camp themes will remain the same. Students will still receive live/synchronous instruction taught online each day by Maryland State Board of Education certified teachers.

Thank you for your interest in the C5ISR Center Math & Science Summer Camp 2021. We are no longer accepting applications for this season. Please check again in December 2021 for information on next season.

Introducing the Summer 2021 Themes…

The Great STEM Escape!
5th and 6th Grade
July 26—July 30

Each day of The Great STEM Escape will focus on one letter from the STEM acronym, culminating in a Friday Escape room that uses it all: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We start with Crazy Chemistry with a focus on four different types of chemical reactions. Next is Technology Tuesday – a deep dive into the technology of roller coasters. Wednesday is all about engineering and the engineering design process, with a focus on force, area, and pressure. On Thursday we will learn more about math and study it’s application to art and illustration. And on Friday...we use it all! During The Great STEM Escape, it is very important to pay close attention to everything campers learn before lunch, because each afternoon campers will be challenged by a new Escape Room based on their new knowledge. So don’t forget what you’ve learned...or you might not escape!

STEM: Sports, Television, Entertainment, and Mini Golf?
7th and 8th Grade
August 9—August 13

Wait....that doesn’t seem right. If you’re thinking “STEM” is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” you’re correct! However, STEM IS found in sports, television, entertainment, and even mini-golf. During the STEM: Sports, Television, Entertainment, and Mini Golf? Camp students will explore the STEM behind baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, and soccer. They will also learn the STEM of television and use the engineering design process to build a set design and functional game from one television’s longest running shows, The Price is Right. Entertainment is full of STEM, and in camp we will focus on arcade games - how they work and how to build them. Finally, the week will end with designing a miniature golf course, using all of the new engineering design process and STEM knowledge gained throughout the week. Fore!

STEM from the CRYPT(ology)
9th and 10th Grade
August 2—August 6

Cryptology is the study of codes, or the art of writing and solving them – and we will do just that all week! Working from some of the earliest inceptions of cryptology to it’s current application in cyber security today, STEM from the CRYPT(ology) will begin with the history of cryptology and it’s purpose. Campers will first be introduced to Caesar Ciphers and Shift Ciphers. We will also cover Vigenère Ciphers and Playfair Ciphers. Campers will also learn the history of World War 2 Cryptology codes and code breaking. We will also cover more modern applications of cryptology in terms of it’s importance in the world of cyber security. Each day we will put camper’s encryption and code breaking skills to the test when they participate in intra-class and inter-class challenges. The week culminates in CAMP CODE WARS – a three round code breaking challenge. Will your message arrive securely? Enroll to find out!

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center Math and Science Summer Camp is a one-week introductory Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program providing students with hands-on learning in science and engineering, featuring the development of models to solve real world problems. Campers participate in planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing data, and discussing, explaining, and using evidence for ideas.

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center Math and Science Summer Program enhances your child’s interest in STEM through a fun, hands on approach based on how today’s students learn science. The curriculum for each session revolves around observation, questioning, and designing solutions using engineering and technology. All programs are taught by state-certified teachers.

The DEVCOM C5ISR Center Math and Science Camp is designated as a camp in “good standing” by the license board of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).